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At Prestige Music Academy, we wish to provide you with excellent music education at your convenience. Thus, we've compiled the answers to some of the questions our clients usually ask. If you have any other questions, feel free to call!

How Do You Differ From In-Home Lessons?

Attending lessons in a professional environment means that the teacher and student are free from home distractions (TVs in the next room, doorbells, friends, siblings, and pets). Students tend to take their music study a little more seriously when they are coming to a "school" situation, bringing their books and materials to the lessons each week. Also, students gain excitement about the music-making process when they are surrounded by other people of all ages engaged in music learning for many different instruments, from drum lessons to trumpet lessons. Also, we offer a social outlet for siblings who are waiting for a lesson to end and formal, professionally recorded recitals that most in-home teachers cannot provide.

Is The Teacher Qualified?

Yes. The majority of our teachers have multiple degrees in their field or are professional musicians in their instrument of specialization. Our teachers are experienced professionals and are chosen not only for their qualifications but also for their love of teaching and their ability to relate to the students. Our teachers have spent years developing their skills on their instruments or vocal training and studied with many master teachers.

What If The Student's And Teacher's Personalities Don't Mesh Well, Or The Student Is Dissatisfied?

This is one of the advantages of taking your lessons at PMA: We have multiple music teachers for each instrument, so if a problem occurs in your flute lesson — which is extremely rare — you can switch to one of the other flute teachers so your studies are uninterrupted. If you think you may get more out of lessons from a teacher with a different teaching style, we have the flexibility to change you from one private piano instructor to another.

What Are The Names Of Your Teachers?

We have many teachers at our facility. Details about most of them are listed on the site, but at any given time, we have additional teachers whose information is not listed. We specialize in connecting students with the teacher most suited to their personalities and goals. With a little information from you, we can make recommendations and you can view the picture and professional information here.

What If My Child Starts The Lessons And Does Not Like The Instrument?

Usually, students have "begged" to start music lessons on a particular instrument, so we suggest that the students stick with their instrument choice for at least two months before switching to another instrument or voice lessons. That way, you will know for sure that the problem is not just the challenging first hurdles of learning a new instrument. If this situation occurs, the parent should contact our office right away so we can give the teacher any feedback that might be helpful and discuss ways to generate more interest. Students may switch to another instrument at any time during the year.

Do You Offer A Discount If More Than One Person In Our Family Enrolls?

Yes. Families with more than one enrolled student pay a reduced enrollment fee. We pride ourselves in paying our instructors well and don't reduce their pay for multiple family members, so we can't discount the weekly lessons.

Can I Sit In On My Child's Private Music Lesson?

Yes, we have an open-door policy, but it's strongly discouraged due to the distraction it causes the child. It's your choice when to sit in. The teacher will offer their professional advice on this after they get to know your child, but they would appreciate the opportunity to keep the first few lessons private to get a feel of what will work best between the two of them.

Can My Two Children Have A Music Lesson Together, Or Both My Child And I?

Yes. Two individuals may have a team lesson and the second person's fees will be half as much as the first (the teacher addresses both learning levels during the lesson). The teacher will let you know when the students should start with their own private weekly lesson. Or if you are looking for convenience, you can ask about scheduling both lessons at the same time with different teachers or book them back to back.

Can We Take Lessons Every Other Week Instead Of Every Week?

At first, this might seem like a good idea, but we've tried this in the past and we don't recommend it. (If you missed a lesson, it would be an entire month before you saw your teacher again!) It's really important that the teacher checks your progress and corrects your form every week. Also, attending weekly lessons will continue the learning momentum and generate mastering a skill more quickly. We recommended that you take weekly 1/2-hour lessons rather than a full hour if finances are a concern. Also, the tendency becomes to not practice the first week since you have another week before seeing the teacher.

Can I Just Take One Month Of Lessons Without The Enrollment Fee?

Yes. This gives you the opportunity to meet the teacher and check out what lessons will be like before paying the enrollment fee. This series is taught at a slightly higher rate.

Do We Need A Real Piano At Home To Take Piano Lessons?

Although a real (acoustic) piano or a digital touch sensitive piano is always best, it's not necessary to start. You can start with a keyboard, and once you decide you like to play the piano, then you can look at an acoustic or digital piano for yourself. The most important thing to know when purchasing a keyboard is that it must have full-sized keys. It's best to get a keyboard with at least 60+ keys so that you don't outgrow it too quickly (a regular piano has 88 keys).

How Long Will It Take Me To Be Able To Play?

That varies from student to student and really depends on the individual, how much practicing they do, and their age. Playing is a physical skill, so it does take repetition to improve. Typically, if you start your piano lessons in August or September, by December, you'll be able to play a recognizable Christmas carol. With something like the guitar, in a few short weeks, with regular practice, an adult will improve dramatically. Most students take approximately one year.

What Is The Earliest Age That My Child Can Take Lessons?

The piano is a great choice for the youngest students, but please inquire regarding your child. Some students are developmentally ready at different ages. A typical age for beginning a private lesson is 5. Some students are ready earlier, and some need to wait a little longer to begin. The violin is also a good choice for the youngest students. By the age of 5 or 6, guitar and drum lessons also become a possibility.

Do You Offer The Suzuki Method?

We don't offer Suzuki in piano lessons. The Suzuki piano method was adapted from the Suzuki violin method. We do have a violin instructor who's been trained in Suzuki and can use Suzuki books combined with traditional books for the violin if requested.

Is Half An Hour Long Enough For A Private Lesson Time For Beginners?

Yes. In the beginning, the half-hour lesson gives the student a lot to practice at home. In half an hour, they will get enough material to be able to learn well and develop proper technique. As they progress, at the advice of the teacher, they can go to a longer lesson time.

Will Music Theory Be Included In The Private Lesson?

A certain amount of theory is essential to learn any instrument but is not the focus of private lessons. At the request of the student, theory can be more of a focus. We're always eager to share a more complete understanding of music with our students.

How Much Practice Is Required Each Week?

We recommend setting aside time for music practice at least 5 days out of the week.

Can We Start In The Middle Of The Year?

Yes. We have year-round open enrollment. There's no reason to put it off another day!

Do You Offer Orff?

Orff is a methodology of teaching children music through rhythm and specially sized rhythm and tonal instruments – it would be similar to saying Montessori preschool – and is another method of teaching. We don't incorporate these methods as a rule. One of the teachers might use certain aspects as helpful tools, but not the whole curriculum.

Do You Have Rental Instruments Available?

In addition to the fine lessons we offer at PMA, we do offer instruments for rent. We have both the band and orchestra instruments available for all ages. If your daughter's strings teacher recommended a different size instrument, bring her in and we'll measure her and fit the right instrument for her growing arms. With our dedication to service and the beautiful instruments supplied by our partnership with NEMC, your experience is sure to be a good one. With advanced notice, we're also able to get guitars and other non-band or orchestra instruments for rental.

Why Do You Charge An Enrollment Fee?

We charge an enrollment fee to help cover administrative costs as well as costs associated with having a beautiful facility in which to learn. This fee is not yearly but a one-time fee that's collected before lessons begin, no matter how long you continue your studies.

Am I Too Old To Begin Lessons, Or Is My Child Too Young?

You're never too old to learn an instrument, but we recommend not starting lessons of any kind with children until at least the age of 4, or older, if the child needs to develop more before beginning.

Do You Work With Special Needs Students?

We currently have special needs students and have had great successes with them. Our very qualified instructors have techniques to work with everyone. Before starting lessons with anyone, we always like to meet the prospective new student.
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